C-27J Spartan's first major combined exercise


C-27J Spartan's first major combined exercise (1.43 mins)

The RAAF’s No. 35 Squadron achieved a significant milestone in October 2017 – deploying a C-27J Spartan Battlefield Air Lifter to participate in a major international exercise for the first time since the aircraft was brought into service by the Australian Defence Force in 2015. The Spartan deployed to New Zealand to contribute air mobility capability to Exercise Southern Katipo 2017 – the New Zealand Defence Force’s largest combined and joint exercise. The exercise featured a variety of air, land and sea scenarios including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, the evacuation of civilians, delivery of humanitarian aid, maritime patrols, peacekeeping operations and conventional warfighting. Thirteen countries from around the world participated in Southern Katipo, with 17 fixed-wing aircraft, six helicopters, five ships and more than three-thousand ground forces, as well as civilian agencies including Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Exercise Southern Katipo is a biennial, combined, joint Field Training Exercise focused on developing, exercising and evaluating the New Zealand Defence Force’s ability to project forces anywhere in the South West Pacific and either operate independently or with its coalition partners. The exercise is designed to simulate a real operation as much as possible and create training challenges across the spectrum of military operations, including humanitarian aid and maritime patrols, through to peacekeeping and conventional war fighting.

Publish Date 27 Oct 2017
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