Coalition Virtual Flag


Coalition Virtual Flag (1.44 mins)

From 22-28 August 2015, the Royal Australian Air Force participated in Coalition Virtual Flag, an online exercise coordinated by the United States Air Force. For the first time, the RAAF used the C-130J Full-Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) at RAAF Base Richmond to carry out missions during the exercise. Coalition Virtual Flag is modelled closely on Exercise Red Flag, with participants from around the globe working together through networked simulators to carry out missions in a virtual environment. The use of the RAAF's C-130J FFMS in Coalition Virtual Flag represents an important milestone for Plan Jericho, wherein one of the key visions is for Air Force to be agile, adaptive, and fully immersed in the information age. This includes using experiences from exercises like Coalition Virtual Flag to inform the development of Air Force's Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) capability for Plan Jericho.

Publish Date 02 Sep 2015
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