No. 114 Mobile Control Reporting Unit


No. 114 Mobile Control Reporting Unit (0.55 mins)

Fighter control teams coordinate with dozens of crews in the air to find, track and target enemy aircraft. At Exercise Pitch Black we’re getting better at working together with partner nations to dominate the skies. This year, for the first time, controllers from Germany, India and Canada have joined the integrated teams. Exercise Pitch Black is the Royal Australian Air Force’s largest and most complex exercise. Pitch Black 2018 is being conducted at RAAF Bases Darwin and Tindal from 27 July until 18 August. This year’s exercise features up to 4000 personnel and up to 140 aircraft from 15 participating nations. Exercise Pitch Black aims to further develop offensive counter air, air-land integration, and intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities, as well as foster international co-operation with partner forces.

Publish Date 09 Aug 2018
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