RAAF Roulettes get a new look


RAAF Roulettes get a new look (0.44 mins)

The Minister for Defence Personnel and Veterans & Affairs, Darren Chester, MP, visited Fairbairn on Wednesday 17 October, 2018 to inspect the new PC-21 aircraft colour scheme. Air Force sought a contemporary paint scheme that distinguishes between aircraft for the Roulettes, based at RAAF Base East Sale, and those used by No. 2 Flying Training School at RAAF Base Pearce. The livery uses the traditional colours of the RAAF and the Australian National Flag to create a visually striking design that is unique to the RAAF and Roulettes. The predominantly red top and side is contrasted against a deep blue underside. This design helps pilots distinguish whether an observed aircraft is viewed from above or below, aiding judgement of the flight path. When viewed from below, spectators will see one of Australia’s national symbols, the Southern Cross, against representative deep blue of the night sky.

Publish Date 17 Oct 2018
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