Australia's Air Task Group in the Middle East


Australia's Air Task Group in the Middle East (1.28 mins)

The Australian Defence Force continues to contribute to the coalition fight against Daesh with the rotation of the E-7A Wedgetail in to the Middle East. The Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft will help control the tactical movement of coalition aircraft over Iraq and Syria, one of the busiest and most complex airspaces in the world. It replaces the KC-30A Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft, which returns to Australia to take up duties at home. During its rotation, the KC-30A carried out air-to-air refuelling operations with French, British, American and Italian fighters involved in the fight to defeat Daesh. It delivered more than three million litres of fuel during almost 100 missions and 800 hours of flying. The Australian Defence Force deploys the Wedgetail and the KC-30A to the Middle East on a rotational basis as part of Australia’s Air Task Group (ATG) operations.

Publish Date 23 Oct 2018
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