Operation Argos


Operation Argos (1.30 mins)

Operation Argos is Australia’s contribution to the multi-national effort to enforce United Nations Security Council Resolutions related to North Korea, as North Korea continues to divert precious resources towards its nuclear program through illicit imports and deceptive maritime practices. The AP-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft are conducting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions in the East China Sea to detect vessels providing fuel to North Korean tankers via ship-to-ship transfers, in contravention of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2397. The Royal Australian Navy warship HMAS Melbourne also contributed to Operation Argos in October 2018, conducting maritime patrols designated operating area. A small group of Australian Defence Force personnel are also working alongside partner nations in the operation’s Enforcement Coordination Cell, where they are sharing information to support shared mission objectives. Operation Argos is part of Australia's deep and abiding interest in the stability of North Asia and the greater Indo-Pacific Region.

Publish Date 25 Oct 2018
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