Air Traffic Controllers work together during APEC 2018


Air Traffic Controllers work together during APEC 2018 (1.14 mins)

The Royal Australian Air Force’s Number 41 Wing was formed 75 years ago in Port Moresby during World War II, not far from where dozens of its members deployed this month for Operation APEC 18 Assist to provide high level radar and surveillance support. Papua New Guinea has hosted a year-long program of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings throughout 2018. This program culminates in the Leaders' Summit of Presidents and Prime Ministers from 21 Pacific Rim member economies from 12-18 November 2018. The Australian Defence Force is supporting a safe, secure and successful APEC in 2018 by providing advisory and other assistance to Papua New Guinea security forces at the request of the Papua New Guinea Government. The Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is the lead Australian Government agency with support from the Australian Defence Force and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Australia’s continued military engagement with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, together with broader engagement, reflects the ongoing commitment to supporting regional partners and promoting a secure and prosperous region.

Publish Date 16 Nov 2018
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