Realistic threat for high end warfighting


Realistic threat for high end warfighting (2.8 mins)

The team role-playing as adversary forces during Exercise Diamond Storm put up a fight that was as real as possible, providing Air Force personnel with high level training. Defence contractors supported the adversary forces during all exercise missions, creating the challenging threat environment required to push the Air Warfare Instructor Course candidates to their limit. The contracted assets included the Raytheon Electronic Warfare Training Systems (EWTS) Learjet 35A and Air Affairs Australia Alpha Jets along with the Air Force supplied, Raytheon operated Mobile Threat Training Emitter System (MTTES). The Raytheon EWTS Learjet 35A enables personnel to train in a contested electromagnetic environment. EWTS inclusion in the adversary forces order of battle introduced radar jamming, communications denial and deception through accurate threat simulation. The Alpha Jets from Air Affairs Australia added to the complex environment by simulating an agile attack aircraft. The ability of the Alpha Jets to affect the fight needed to be negated by the course candidates in order for them to meet their mission objectives. Air Force personnel are highly trained professionals, required to operate in a range of environments, cooperating with other Defence units and international forces, to accomplish their objectives. Working in exercises such as Diamond Storm tests Air Force personnel and provides them with training to be highly skilled at warfighting

Publish Date 28 May 2019
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